This is a PDR Insights launch special program for a risk free evaluation. Please register by 30, April 2018 to test up to 10 Product Categories and 5 Users for each Quest Forum Member organization. You get the opportunity to test the unified cross-platform Apps (IOS, Android & Web). You also get free access to new advanced beta test functionality like:

  • Touch ID & Face ID Access Security
  • Correlation of internal TL9000 Metrics to Industry Benchmarks
  • Insights-On-Demand – Smart Discovery capability. We will apply a Machine Learning (ML) models to identify visualize hidden patterns and predictor variables and classic advanced statistical modeling with R, SAS and Python. Usual timeframe is 12 weeks with first iteration results in 2-3 weeks.
  • Recommend a Advanced Analytics Use Case that you are interested in:
    • Equipment Fault Prediction
    • Warranty Return Risk Exposure – Weibull Distribution Analysis