PDR Insights Mobile App

All the tools you will need

The PDR Insights mobile apps (iPhone, Android) provide access to industry data and benchmarks for over 150 product categories based on QuEST Forum’s TL9000 Quality standards. The apps provide comprehensive dashboard views displaying industry Best-in-Class, Industry Average, Monthly Average, and Worst-in-Class metrics along with your company measurements for product categories for which you have registered with the QuEST Forum. The apps also provide trend data and the ability to select product categories and measures, input your company’s specific data, and view industry insights video presentations. You will be able to also make annotations and share notes with other users in your organization. The trends charts also provide the ability to zoom in and “move” the value on the trend chart to see the specific value of the metric at every point.

iOS Application


Web Application
Android Application



  • Fully interactive graphical representation of Product Categories and Measures selected for specified year/month.
  • Export/Share PDF



  • Make refinements by selecting / deselecting the Product Category and associated Measures.
  • Save frequent criteria sets



  • User can upload their internal data to a secure portal each month/year for PDR benchmarking.
  • Instant refresh data on the Dashboard.



  • Subscribe to the latest updates for Industry Insights.
  • In-App videos and PDF reports