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TL 9000 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are evaluating the impact of the PDRs to the industry and publishing the results in reports. These SMEs are volunteers from QuEST Forum member companies and work in the PDR sub team of the Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) work group of the QuEST Forum.

Reports produced to date are:

  • Then and Now: On-Time Delivery Measurement Study 2009 vs. 2013 (PDF, 672KB)
  • Monetizing Cost Avoidance – A Retrospective Study Using the Return Rate Measurement for Wireless Infrastructure Products(PDF, 2.23MB)
  • Network Operator Quality Improvement Trends Study (PDF, 528KB)
  • Quality Improvements in Simple and Complex Wireless Devices Study (PDF, 1.5MB)
  • Has TL 9000 Improved Telecommunications Industry Quality? (PDF, 43KB)
  • Edge Router Product Category Trends Study (PDF, 1.4MB)
  • On-Time Delivery Measurement Study (PDF, 2.1MB)
  • Problem Report Fix Time Study (PDF, 2MB)
  • Wireless Return Rate Study (PDF, 2MB)
  • Repair Service Trends Study (PDF, 467KB)
  • Annual Reports (PDF, 255KB)
  • Network Field Maintenance (PDF, 567KB)