About Us

QuEST Forum’s TL 9000 Performance Data Reports (PDRs) have provided industry benchmark statistics and trend data for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. These monthly reports capture industry statistics on Best-in-Class, Worst-in-Class, Industry Average and Monthly Average for hardware, software and service quality measurements in over 150 product categories.

In response to the demands of the industry, PDR Insights App (IOS) was developed to provide a mobile-friendly platform for users to access the TL 9000 Performance Data Reports (PDR). Unlike the static PDRs of the past, this PDR Insights App will:

  • Provide Annual PDR data visualized for TL 9000 Product Categories and Metrics (grouped in metric families) for 2015 & 2016.
  • Allow for the simultaneous production of multiple metrics across multiple product categories
  • Provide interactive visualization, reporting and personalization capabilities. Industry Averages (IA) are shown in bars and best-in-class BIC) is represented with Dots.
  • Exhibit a modern, flexible interface that allows users to customize the specific information they are looking for
  • The functionality will be expanded to include Monthly PDR data and ability to enter and overlay Quest Forum member internal metrics (“My Data”) to overlay with Industry Benchmarks for comparisons.

PDR Insights App is a collaborative initiate between Quest Forum and AnalyticsWise Inc, an Innovation Lab for QuEST Forum member company, Avion NetworksPrimus Software Corporation is their design and development partner for next generation Intelligent Apps.