Silver Plan

Designed for smaller organizations with one or two Product Categories with one free User License. This plan provides the convenience of anytime-anywhere mobile app access with a choice of IOS or Android. After completing quick registration, Product Categories and Metrics configuration, the Dashboard ready with a fluid modern touch-swipe User Experience. The Use has the ability to enter internal organization TL9000 Metrics into My Data to overlay along with PDR Industry benchmarks and Save the entered My Data values for later use. The User has the option to export the Dashboard to PDF to share it with others in the organization. This plan provides access to 24 months of historical data.

Silver Plus

This is a PDR Insights launch special program for a risk free evaluation. Please register by 31, March 2018 to test up to 10 Product Categories and 5 Users for each Quest Forum Member organization. You get the opportunity to test the unified cross-platform Apps (IOS, Android & Web). You also get free access to new advanced beta test functionality like:

      • Touch ID & Face ID Access Security
      • Correlation of internal TL9000 Metrics to Industry Benchmarks
      • Insights-On-Demand – Smart Discovery capability. We will apply a Machine Learning (ML) models to identify visualize hidden patterns and predictor variables and classic advanced statistical modeling with R, SAS and Python. Usual timeframe is 12 weeks with first iteration results in 2-3 weeks.  
      • Recommend a Advanced Analytics Use Case that you are interested in:
        • Equipment Fault Prediction
        • Warranty Return Risk Exposure – Weibull Distribution Analysis

Gold Plan

Designed for medium size organizations with up to 5 Product Categories and 10 Users. In addition to functionality provided by the Silver Plan, this plan includes functionality to annotate the Dashboards with comments by individual users, save and maintain organizational memory as part of the collaborative layer. The plan provides the ability to shift the focus to internal TL9000 Metrics, overlay industry benchmarks and define and track internal targets. Provides the ability use a template (UTD computed values file) to upload My Data on a monthly basis. This plan includes unified cross-platform IOS, Android and Web Access.


Designed for larger organizations with 6 or more Product Categories. The scope is significantly expanded to include internal KPIs, targets, customer score cards and  can be fully custom designed and configured for end-to-end 360 degrees view. In addition to Quality and Operational Excellence Metrics, it can include Marketing and Financial Metrics to enable data-insights-driven organization to accelerate profitable growth.


Provides Intelligent Apps powered by Data Science under-the-hood to provide Predictive & Prescriptive Insights. The Intelligent Apps can  have Natural Language processing (NLP), Smart Discovery (Machine Learning), Search and Cognitive Text Analytics capabilities. This plan includes access to Thought Leaders and their proven models in the areas of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Brand Equity, Customer Engagement, Salesperson Future Value (SFV) and Employee Engagement Models.